Fruit Pizza

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the parades, cookouts, parties, and even the humid heat of summer. The last several years we have gone to my parents house for a cookout. Guess how many children were there? 16! Despite that many little people, it was fun and a perfect […]

Summer Grilled Shrimp

Oh Hey! It’s been two years since my last blog post! I have a 2 year old, Harrison Heath, who has really put a damper on my free time the last few years. All that to say, I have been getting requests to start up the blog again so I’ve decided there is no time […]

Limoncello Tiramisu

On my parent’s trip to Italy they brought home a few bottles of Limoncello which is a lemon liquor made in Southern Italy. Limoncello is sipped in small amounts after dinner, poured over gelato (one of my favorite ways to drink it), or mixed with other ingredients for cocktails. In this dessert, the Limoncello is […]

Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta

This is a fancy yet approachable appetizer that is bursting with flavor. I know it isn’t summer yet, and tomatoes can be hard to come by, but you can usually find decent cherry tomatoes at the grocery store. I made this as an appetizer for a dinner party in Arizona. It was followed by Vodka […]

Brownie Pudding Dessert

Oh man. This was so good. I brought dinner to my best friend and had to take a sample bite out of her dessert before I left the house! Sorry Lindsay. This is a simple dessert that has a crusty outer rim and a silky smooth pudding-like inside. It reminds me of a molten chocolate […]

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Carmel Brownies

Who doesn’t like a chocolate brownie-especially one that has carmel in the middle. I am a chocoholic. Just ask my husband, the empty bowl of Halloween candy sitting by the door, and the extra chub on my booty….sorry TMI.  I can’t help myself. With these brownies, I like to cut them in little pieces and […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fall is here and I took out all my fall decor to psych myself up for cooler temperatures ahead. By fall decor I basically mean an one orange wreath, one fall pillow, and a jar of candy corn. I hope to continue to add to my fall decor the longer I am an adult. Maybe […]

Peach and Raspberry Crisp

Summer dessert time. Please make this when you get a chance. It will smell your kitchen up with a buttery scent and satisfy any sweet tooth. Summer is the time to make anything with fresh peaches. I am a big crisp fan for three simple reasons. 1. I can throw the dessert together quickly. 2. […]

Jenny’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last Friday my mom, sister, niece, and I cooked and served dinner at the new Ronald McDonald house in Winfield. It was rewarding to cook for thankful families who were in need of much encouragement and help. I was reminded to keep my life problems in perspective and to remember how quickly circumstances in life can change. […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Summer is here and it’s time to start filling up on some wonderful fruits that are not available or are too expensive to eat in the winter. This week I made a strawberry rhubarb crisp after finding rhubarb at the Farmer’s Market. Rhubarb is an under-used fruit I think because people get scared at how large it […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I asked my daughter what she wanted to do today and she said bake cookies. I couldn’t say no! We got out our aprons, made a mess in the kitchen, and make some yummy cookies while Georgia was taking a nap. This recipe contains 2 cups of oatmeal so that’s gotta add some nutritional value […]

Jenny’s Famous Carrot Cake

I ate a piece of my sister’s carrot cake the other night and was reminded why like it so much. I consciously made the decision to eat the biggest piece and not worry about my pants being tight the rest of the week. It is after all my birthday week. Isaac makes fun of me […]

Chocolate Oreo Frozen Delight

Remember the Friends episode where Joey eats Rachel’s trifle without knowing she accidentally mixed in a layer of meat into her Thanksgiving trifle? “I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!” While Ross is complaining that the trifle tastes like feet, Joey is blissfully eating it up. Well, my frozen layer dessert […]

Kris Roth’s Sugar Cookies

  You know that girl in workout class that you hate because she is lunging lower than everyone see, lifting weights with tiny yet defined arms, barely breaking a sweat as the teacher forgets to stay stop when you are doing pushups, and oh wait, is eight months pregnant but you can’t tell from behind […]

Oreo Dirt Cake

This week I finished watching my favorite show Parenthood. I also finished season three of House of Cards on Netflix so I can now officially get back to my normal life. I feel such sadness in my heart for Zeke passing away and Claire and Francis getting divorced that I feel the need to post […]

Georgia Peach Pie

My daughter, Georgia, celebrated her one year birthday last Saturday on “PiDay” which is 3.14.15. To honor her big day, I had a family party at Gino’s East to have pizza (“pie”) and made my peach pie in lieu of the traditional birthday cake.  I make this dessert most often in the summer when the […]

10 minute Fresh Berry Sauce

It’s finally sunny and mid 40’s here in Chicago. I went running outside in shorts this week. Nick and Bea, If you are reading this from Los Angeles, I bet you think I am crazy for thinking it’s “warm” here, but I’ll take what I can get. I sound like an old lady gabbing about […]