Green Machine Smoothie

Here’s a fun smoothie recipe that is very sweet and full of fruits AND vegetables. Your kids will never know the difference. If you are like me and want my kids to get enough fruits and vegetables yet give them goldfish and crackers all day to keep them happy and quiet in the car, then […]

Cherry Berry Smoothie

This may be a shorter post than normal because I keep hearing a pounding noise from the nursery and I wonder if my daughter is experimenting with climbing out of her crib instead of taking a nap. I make smoothies on a daily basis for my girls and this one ranks near the top on […]

Giada’s Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie

You may think Italian cooking when you think of Giada de Laurentiis. Or, maybe if you are a male you think of something else……anyway, she has several kid friendly recipes that I have adopted over the years. This is a simple smoothie recipe I save for a special treat for my kids. It has simple syrup […]

Tropical Smoothie

My love for smoothies started back in high school when two friends and I started a lunch time smoothie business on the floor of our “cafeteria.” By “cafeteria” I mean a multipurpose room where they set up tables- unlike a public school that has an actual designated room just for eating. Our small private high […]