My Classic Mojito

A mojito reminds me of sitting (and sweating) in the Nicaragua heat at the Mombacho cigar lounge in Granada in a big comfy chair while enjoying time with Maya as a little chubby baby. I know what your thinking-why would you bring a newborn to a cigar lounge. It was essentially an outdoor patio with […]

Lemon Lime Fizz

I have a bottle of Prosecco that has been chilling out in my fridge for months and I have been waiting for a special occasion to open it. Yet Prosecco is easy to find at a reasonable price and such a versatile drink that I decided to show case it in this simple summer cocktail. […]

The Madras Cocktail

This cocktail is so simple and the ultimate weekend punch for a summer gathering. I try and use good vodka in a cocktail like this, because with only three ingredients, I like them all to be good quality. I make this ahead of time and allow it to sit and hang out in the fridge […]

Bobby Flay Sangria

Bobby Flay is my celebrity crush. Isaac gets one and I get one. For some reason he always goes for the Latina hotties like Eva Mendes so I am clearly not his type! Bobby Flay is SO my type. Can you imagine having him cook for you everyday? Isaac thinks I’m crazy. What Isaac and […]

Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

What do you get at the Heath household when March Madness is on ALL night, the kids are in bed, and I’m bored? Recipe experimentation time. You should have seen my kitchen. My sister, who is a self proclaimed neat freak, would have had a panic attack with how messy my kitchen looked half an […]

Passion Tea Lemonade made from home

One of my favorite activities during summer is walking from my house to Starbucks with friends and my two girls in the stroller. It’s a mile each way and it’s just enough time to work up a sweat, enjoy some convo, and then be rewarded halfway through with a Starbucks treat. I usually go for a double […]

M&B’s Gin & Juice

Need a weekend show stopper? This fresh and fruity drink is unbelievable. My good friends gave me the ingredients to their favorite cocktail and I did some mixing this afternoon. You will love this drink. Dry gin, fresh squeezed juices, and a hint of sugar is all that’s needed to make this special drink. I […]

Fresh Grapefruit Margaritas

This recipe was created and inspired by my trip to the grocery store in Scottsdale this week to stock up on food for my time out here over the next week. I was picking out fruit, walked past the grapefruit section, and was overwhelmed by the strong aroma of fresh grapefruit. I always use this […]

The Esquire’s Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a drink that was popular in the 50’a and 60’s and has had a resurgence this decade around the US. Go in to any modern bar and you will most likely see this on the cocktail menu. The Moscow Mule is a simple drink made from limes, ginger beer, and vodka […]

Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

I am always researching festive holiday drinks to serve at parties. Since I am hosting New Years Eve this year at my house, I decided to experiment ahead of time with some cocktail recipes for my family’s dessert and cocktail night. I know my mom would love to add organized games to the list of […]

Lime Pineapple Coconut Rum Cocktail

I lived in Nicaragua for 5 months as we completed the adoption our first daughter Maya. While it was challenging at times, I grew to appreciate and love many things about the country. In particular I miss the amazing fruit. I bought fresh fruit everyday from the woman on the street corner and the pineapple […]

Julio’s Pisco Sour

My husband’s family has strong ties to Peru. His youngest brother is adopted from Pucallpa, a jungle town in the Amazon. Isaac and I went on a trip to Peru in 2010 to visit our friends Julio and Olga who live in Pucallpa and pastor a church there. Isaac somehow always gets me to go […]

Nicaraguan Macua

My daughter, Maya, was adopted last year from Nicaragua. She is so special to our family. While in the adoption process, Isaac and I lived in the county for five months. It was a unique time to experience Nica culture and where our daughter was born. We brought home not only the most precious gift but […]