What’s on my counter

My sister, who is a realtor & interior decorator, has a rule of thumb about the kitchen counter. Three things on the counter is the maximum amount of items you should have for making the kitchen look clean & uncluttered. Oops…I have a lot more than three! Currently on my counter is a Cuisinart Gray Mixer, a coffee pot from which only Nicaraguan coffee is brewed, amazing chef knives from culinary school, a broken in (i.e. old) cutting board of which I am due for a major upgrade…hint hint for a Christmas present, a Vitamix which is my  new love for daily smoothy making, lots of baby bottles, a baby video monitor, and one tall glass I try to leave out to remind myself to stop drinking coffee and drink water! Not quite the zen counter from the magazines, but it’s home to many of my favorite gadgets. In my opinion, if your counter is never cluttered, there probably isn’t much going on in your kitchen!

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  1. Jenny Reply

    The realtor sister here. Yes, my counters only have a toaster and some decorative items. They look good but it’s true…there’s not much going on in my kitchen! Pick your poison I suppose.

  2. Francesco Reply

    Katie just read your blog and found it to be quite inspiring. Looking forward to years of cutting edge entertaining ideas. I too live in the Chicago area and while my wife and I enjoy getting away to warmer climates during the harsh winter months I could never imagine moving away from my loving family. You and that southern husband of yours may want to rethink that one.